• Weddings

    wedding ceremony 
    A wedding ceremony is at the heart of a wedding day. It is like the still point in a day of joy...

  • Civil unions

    civil union pageboy

    Since 26th April 2005 couples have been able to enter into a civil union regardless of their gender. 

  • Funerals

    celebrant funeral auckland

    When someone dies there is a story to be told, a life to be honoured, and loved ones to be comforted.

  • Baby naming

    baby naming ceremony

    The birth of a baby is a momentous time in the life of any family.  A name must be chosen for this unique little person.


Rose Duncan - helping you celebrate the essence of life

In my work as celebrant..

I am dedicated to helping you celebrate the essence of life and of relationship.  These are at the heart of your ceremony whether it be a marriage, a baby naming, house blessing or service of farewell.  I am committed to creating ceremonies that reflect who you are and celebrating what is important to you and your family. 

CONTACT ME NOW for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your event.  No matter how unsure you are of how to go about planning your ceremony, I will put my creative skills to work in assisting you.


  • wedding western springs

    Rose Duncan is a truly intuitive, unpretentious and exceptional celebrant....  


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